How NOT to respond to negative reviews

As you may know one of our employees is a dog. His role around here is taking naps and overall morale boosts. Well one thing he really like to do is go to an off leash dog park. With this in mind we were searching Yelp to see what people had to say about local dog parks. We came across […]

Web Form A/B Testing: How I Increased Form Fills by 42%

Last month, I launched an A/B test of our Request a Quote form page to see if a new design would impact the percentage of form fills. I planned the design of a new version of the page to see if the some of the basic “best practices” really had an impact. The result was a 37% increase in form […]

To Blog or Not to Blog?A Small Business Guide

These days it seems that every brand has a blog. From baby products to food delivery, there is no type of service or product too small or too niche that is excluded from the blogging bandwagon. But for small businesses?who often have limited resources, time, or marketing budgets?is the monthly upkeep of a blog worth the all the hype? According […]

Customer Loyalty: The 3 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back.

If there?s anyone that understands the power of customer loyalty, it is the small business owner. After all, your loyal patrons generate the majority of your annual revenue AND they spend a whopping 67 percent more than your new customers. With stats like that, it?s no wonder why going the extra mile for your fans needs to be your #1 […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Creating a Website For Your Business

If you want to be found in today?s crowded digital marketplace, having a great company website just isn?t enough. It?s essential that you optimize your site for search engines so that the right customer can easily find you. But before you dive in, here are some quick and easy best practices to make sure your site is ready to be […]

Why Your Facebook Page Can?t Replace Your Small Business Website

Like all savvy small business owners, you want to keep your marketing strategy lean. You may be thinking that foregoing the effort and costs of building a website in favor of a Facebook page is one way to do it. And why shouldn?t you? Creating a Facebook business page is free and it provides you with access to the largest […]